Best Recreational Activities for Families

Is your family looking for ways to spend some quality time, get more exercise, or enjoy the Great Outdoors? There are several recreational activities that you do, and here are some of the best ones:

Watch a local sports team

You can enjoy a local sports team by watching a game. There are various local teams including baseball and basketball. This is a simple yet effective way to support local sports teams. Attending the game can be a fun-filled experience. If allowed prepare your own snacks and drinks before the game. Even that can be a fun activity that you can involve your kids.

Even if the game is only a few hours, it can be an excellent recreational activity for your family on weekday evenings or the weekend. Not only that but it can encourage your kids to do various recreational activities such as sports.

Collect leaves

This is a simple yet fun-filled activity for you and your family members. First, lay a leaf on a piece of paper. Then rub outward using the side of a crayon. It creates a silhouette and creates various hairdo/halo effects. Then remove the leaf and draw in fact and the hair’s outline.

Capture the Flag

This is a fun outdoor recreational activity that requires 6 people and 2 pieces of fabric that are of different colors. They should be cut into flags, so each player has one. Four should be used for the outline. Divide the yard into 2 adjacent courts that are each about 12” x 12”.

Watch the stars

Just about everyone has watched stars at nighttime. Why not make it a family recreational activity? On a clear night, you and your family can go outdoors and get a clear look of the heavens. You can watch the skies not only during the night but also watch as the skies turn from blue to black. This is also a great way to get some fresh air for bedtime. A key feature of this activity is that it provides a teachable moment to talk about stars, constellations, etc.

Four-Square Tournament

Here’s a fun activity for your family. It requires 4 players and a big rubber ball. First, use chalks to draw a big 12” x 12” square on your home’s driveway. Then label the square as A, B, C, and D. One player then stands in each of the squares.

Here’s how to play the game. The player in square A bounces the ball in his/her square. They must then hit the ball into a different square. In the case, a player misses or hits the ball into a different square they move to square D. The players behind the player then advance to the next square. It all then starts again.

This is a great activity that doesn’t require a ton of equipment for your family to play a basic yet thrilling game.

These are some of the best recreational activities your family can enjoy during your next free time.