Major Benefits of Recreation

Do you feel tired or stressed out? If so then you should consider enjoying some recreation. From a walk in the park to a traveling vacation, studies show that recreation can provide several benefits. Here are some of the top ones:


When we think about recreation, we tend to focus on the fun factor or health benefits. However, it can also be effective for rehab. It can help to improve a person’s overall well being, including his/her physical, mental, and social wellness.

There are various groups of people who can benefit from recreation regarding therapeutic value. They include recovering g addict, stress management, and some medical conditions. So it turns out that climbing a mountain not only can be good for the body, but also your psyche.

Quality of Life

How are you living? Many surveys rank regions and countries regarding quality of life. It’s a useful metric because it’s not just about salaries, jobs, housing, safety, and so on. It’s basically about the general satisfaction you have in life.

The quality of life is also offered to other issues such as self-esteem. A 2000 study showed that 90% of the participants who participated in recreational activities said they were happy about their health/fitness. The figure was just 60% among those who didn’t do those activities.

Mental Benefits

Human brains require more oxygen to function. So recreational activities can provide big benefits. Doing such activities can help to clear your mind and improve focus.

Physical Benefits

Studies show that recreational activities can provide people with many physical benefits. Activities such as swimming, hiking, and ball sports can provide many physical benefits. They include weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of some diseases such as diabetes, and so on.

Natural High

Studies show that moderate-to-heavy exercise can result in a “runner’s high.” That’s due to the endorphins that are released when doing them. This goes beyond the basic physical and mental benefits of exercise and recreational activities. Instead, it takes it to the next level and puts in the “zone.”

Lower Stress

Modern life can be quite stressful. If you feel that you’re at your wit’s end, you should consider getting some rest & relaxation. Good mental health is critical for overall health and can affect your physical well-being as well.

When you do recreational activities such as mini golf, ice skating or basketball, you’re able to reduce your stress. That, in turn, can also help to lower depression.

It’s important to have balance in your life. Besides the actual recreational activities that you do, there’s also the fact that you’re taking a break from your day-to-day life. That can do wonders for your mind, which is important for your overall health.

Social Benefits

This is an aspect of recreation that people often overlook. For example, meeting and exercising with other people can help to build relationships with them. This tends to be especially true of outdoor activities. That’s because there’s more space for people to enjoy various recreational activities.